Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Getting Inspired By Custom Orders - Vintage Glam Wreath.

I absolutely love receiving custom orders as it forces me to think outside the box and get my creative juices flowing! Recently, I had a request to create a wreath (which at the time wreaths weren't even offered in my shop) and I am so thankful I took on the task because I am in love with the result!

The Vintage Glam Wreath is covered in ivory and white flowers including roses, hydrangea, carnations and peonies. I also added white feathers to give it that vintage look!
Thanks to the inspiration of one of my lovely etsy customers, I am now happily listing this wreath in my shop and looking forward to making more wreaths to add as well!
Contact me if you'd like me to create a custom wreath with your colors and personal style for your big day!
Happy Planning!